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As a 1st Level agent, you don’t have a real estate team to help you out. Instead, you’re handling all aspects of your business yourself, from lead generation to going on appointments to completing all of your transaction paperwork. To grow from the 1st Level to the 2nd Level, you have to reach a point where you would lose business if you didn’t find someone to help you.MREA_level_01

At some point between those two levels, you may find yourself at a bit of a Catch-22: You must grow your level of transactions in order to reach the next level, but it’s a challenge to do that when you have no administrative help to allow you to focus solely on lead generation.

So what is an ambitious 1st Level agent to do? Take a ramp instead of the stairs. Instead of viewing the growth of your real estate business as steps or jumps, look for ways to ramp up your production.


Tony DiCello, vice president of research and development for MAPS Coaching, discovered exactly how to do that when he was growing his real estate business. “I realized I needed to get help because I was referring too many buyer deals out, and yet I wasn’t ready for a full-time assistant,” he says. “I spoke with two other top agents in my office, and we came up with the novel idea of sharing an assistant. As my business grew, I took over two-thirds of her time and then finally hired her full-time. I scaled up my use of her with my business.”

Here are four ways you can ramp up your business at the 1st Level without hiring a full-time assistant:

1)    Share an assistant.

2)    Hire a virtual assistant. (Read more about what a virtual assistant does and how to hire them.)

3)    Use a market center transaction coordinator.

4)    Utilize a part-time showing assistant.

Have you found anything else that works in your office?